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Why Use Cosmolite Lightweight Bricks in Construction

Today, since they have a few advantages, lightweight blocks are more alluring than blocks and blocks. They included light weight, shape exactness, and inclined the cost. There is additionally no requirement for mortar to assemble the divider utilizing rebel, yet it very well may be straightforwardly in ACI. So it could spare the cost of the budget plan. It is made of a blend of quartz sand, concrete, lime, a little gypsum, and aluminum glue.
This block is a block that is produced in an advanced manufacturing plant. Not at all like ordinary red blocks carefully assembled by the laborers ‘ hands. This block turned into the icon of development contractual workers and began to be generally utilized in housing.

• Special mold of lightweight brick
• Bucket
• Cement spoon
• Hoe
• Materials needed
• Cement as a binder
• Sand as filler material
• Fly ash as filler material
• Lime as filler material
• Water as a diluents
• Pasta aluminum as a developer material

Make a dissident join beginning comprising of a folio and filler with a size connection of 1: two. Kindly note, which methods for the folio is concrete though the filler might be a blend of sand, fly debris, and lime. On the off chance that you simply use debris or lime or join each while not sand, at that point the admissible filler arrangement is fear based oppressor association of the entire mortar rebel.

Empty enough water into the dissident blend to weaken it. The expansion of this water shouldn’t be an over the top measure of or inadequate subsequently it will injury the standard of the resulting lightweight block. As a rule, the amount of water other to the agitator the greatest sum as zero.4-0.6 of the entire concrete utilized. The mixing strategy should be found till the arrangement of the mixing material is thoroughly blending.

• Waterproof
• Quick installation
• No need to be plastered
• Installation is cleaner

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